Intermittent Fasting


How to start Intermittent Fasting

How to start Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a diet pattern or eating pattern. It is when you deliberately skip meals. Intermittent fasting does not talk about which foods should be eaten but when we should eat our meals. Therefore in this diet you do not need to change your type of food and how much you eat but you change the time you eat it.

To start the intermittent fast you have to be able to differentiate between the fed state and the fasted state.

Fed state

This state when the body is digesting and absorbing food. Begins when you start eating and last 3-5 hours as the body digests and absorbs the food. The insulin level of the body in this state is high making it hard for the body to burn fat.

Post-absorptive state

In this state the body is not processing meals. It last 8-12 hours from the last meal. After this state you get to the fasted state.

Fasted state

In this state the insulin levels of the body are low making it easy for the body to burn fat. It takes 12 yours from when you last ate to get to the fasted state.

People lose weight without changing what they eat, how much they eat or exercise in intermittent fasting because they give their body time to get to the fasted state and urn fat. Fasting puts the body in a fat burning state that you rarely make it to during a normal eating schedule.

Intermittent fasting programs


  1. 24 hour fast

In this case you fast during one day of the week with an aim of 20-24 hours and eat the rest on the 6 days of the week. This program views fat loss in a weekly basis. It is best for beginners and casual dieters. It is easy because it only has one rule i.e. fasting on one day of the week for 20-24 hours. During this fasting day you should keep yourself active to avoid eating temptations. Do not compensate the fast by eating more on the other 6 days. Do not fast for more than 2 days in a week.

  1. The leangains fast

It is popular for weight lifters and recommended for athletes. It is not recommended for beginners. You fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour feeding window. This fast should be done daily. The 8 hour feeding window should be conducted at the same time every day. Meal frequency is not important as long as you eat within the 8 hours. The meals eaten should have a high protein count.

  1. Warrior style

This fast includes 20 hours of fasting and a 4 hour feeding window. It should be done daily. You should mostly eat in the evening to allow for a longer fasting period and work out during the day. This fast is designed for people who like to indulge in calorie dense foods like pizza. The fast is not strict like the leangains fast.

  1. The alternate day fast

Here you eat every other day. Eating is done in a 12 hour eating window. If you start eating at 7:00 am on Monday morning, you should continue eating until 7:00 pm then fast the reminder of Monday all throughout Tuesday. Repeat the Monday schedule on Wednesday. Eat anything you want during the feeding window. This fast is suited or the casual dieters and is recommended for beginners.


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