Intermittent Fasting

About Me

I am an Information Technology Manager, a health and personal development advocate, and a blogger. Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Security, currently, I am an Information Technology Manager who focuses on the provision of services such as website creation, web applications, online marketing, search engine optimization, and mobile application development. I am a knowledgeable and diligent person who provides quality and trustworthy services to my clients. The development of my unique style in information technology is as the result of a lifetime hard work, dedication, zeal, and determination.

Coupled with my excellent information technology skills, I am a Kindle author of short stories and men’s health guides. I also enjoy meditation and yoga. I am a blogger whose sole focus is on personal development, health, and technology. I am also fun loving, good with people, and will always meet all your needs. I am passionate about helping people and businesses reach their optimal potential